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""A lot of it is tied to the relationship between Francophone Africa and France and France is not known to have the best start-up culture.""

African Entrepreneurship - Why Culture Matters with Rebecca Enonchong and Michael Ike

Two interviews about African Entrepreneurship - Why Culture Matters. Rebecca Enonchong is the Chair of ActivSpaces, Cameroon and talks about: the differences between the anglophone and francophone start-up worlds; why Cameroon as a country with both languages is interesting; how the start-up movement started in anglophone Buea and the University it started in; the role of education; and how things are changing.

Michael Ike is the Lead, Innovation Platforms and Partnerships, Abuja Technology Village and he talks about: traditional Nigerian family based culture vs rules-based cultures from elsewhere; and fitting the two together through mentorships.

August 11, 2015 by Editor
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