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Abdulai Awudu on Ghana's No 1 broadcaster's VoD partnership with local start-up 2C TV

Abdulai Awudu, Programmes Director, Multimedia Group talks about: why as a broadcaster it went into Video on Demand and streaming; the importance of getting revenue from it; its partnership with 2C TV; the reach of the platform it runs; and the type of content that is successful. ... read more
September 8, 2017

Julius Nyingmeh on how Vivabox wants data partnerships with African mobile co's to deliver VoD

Julius Nyingmeh, Vivabox talks about: the technology underlying Vivabox; its transition to delivering content in Africa and the countries it's going into; the monthly price of a subscription; its desire to form data partnerships; and future expansion plans. ... read more
January 23, 2017

Tanzanian VoD start-up Tango TV founder Victor Joseph on streaming local movies to your TV

Tango TV co-founder Victor Joseph talks about: how the idea for Tango TV came about; its set-top box; the kind of content it will stream; the size of the potential market; and his funding plans. ... read more
September 17, 2015

Uche Iwuchukwu on the launch of Udala Media's SVoD platform for African and Caribbean Users

Uche Iwuchukwu, Udala Media on: what it costs monthly to subscribe to Udala in different parts of the worlds; What films and TV series it has on offer; the countries in Africa it's prioritizing; its focus on both anglophone and francophone content; how it will market itself; and its ambitions in terms of subscriber numbers. ... read more
March 7, 2015

Marie Lora Mungai, Buni TV on how to make a success of African online content

This interview is extracts from a panel session in which Marie Lora Mungai, CEO, Buni TV reflects on the lessons of running an African online content platform. The interview covers: the number of views the XYZ show gets on the platform; its comedy season; the online release of Cameroonian film The President; and a little known film-maker made it big online on the Buni TV platform. ... read more
April 6, 2014
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