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EchoVC's Eghosa Omoigui on the risks posed by certain investors to African start-ups

Eghosa Omiogui, Managing Partner, EchoVC talks about: three investments it has made; three things it looks for in start-ups it invests in; international investors not understanding African start-ups; and start-ups needing to avoid sources of money that may be suspect. ... read more
June 6, 2018

Pule Taukobong, CRE Venture Capital on what kind of African start-ups he's looking for

Pule Takubong, Co-Founder, CRE Venture Capital talks about: what CRE Venture Capital is; the kinds of start-ups it has invested in; what it looks for in the African start-ups it invests in; the mistakes start-ups make when they talk to investors; and how much it invests in start-ups. ... read more
January 20, 2018
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