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Izu Osuigwe, CEO, Forest TV on its African channels VoD platform and its new satellite offering

Izu Osuigwe, CEO, Forest TV talks about: the countries where its VoD service is available; the kinds of African TV channels it offers; and its new satellite offering. ... read more
September 27, 2018

Catherine Luckhoff, NicheStreem on bringing Afrikaans music and Nigerian gospel online

Catherine Luckhoff, founder and CEO, NicheStreem talks about: what the company does; its first streaming service aimed at Afrikaans music lovers; why a niche streaming service will work; its plans for a Nigerian gospel channel and its other plans for Iran and Brazil; and why it can break even earlier than other streaming services. ... read more
August 7, 2016

Graham Wallington on WildEarth TV's live streaming of animals in Africa & elsewhere

Graham Wallington, WildEarth TV talks about how he has created a business out of live streaming animals across the globe. The interview covers: the different kinds of locations and wildlife covered; the number of people viewing the streams; the advertising the site attracts; the impact of lower satellite bandwidth prices; and the possible of 4K live streams. ... read more
March 17, 2015

Eban Oliver, Skyroomlive on livestreaming top African music acts in concert to the world

Eban Oliver, Skyroomlive talks about: the size of the live music touring circuit in South Africa and the acts that play it; its portal for livestreaming concerts; the different models it's using for livestreaming; livestreaming 3D footage; and the 3D viewers it's selling. ... read more
January 18, 2015

South Africa start-up Mediabox's James Muir on an open access version of Apple TV

James Muir, founder of Mediabox talks about: what Mediabox does; how the hardware and software works; the different apps that can be used to control it; the cost of the device when it's launched; and its crowdsourced funding campaign on Indiegogo. ... read more
January 11, 2015
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