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Jim Teicher on CyberSmart's all-in-one edtech device trialing in Senegalese schools

Jim Teicher, Founder and Director, CyberSmart Africa talks about: the failure of many edtech projects in Africa and the reasons why; the things built into CyberSmart's device to avoid these issues; what the device can deliver and how; the cost of the device; its trial in Senegalese schools; and CyberSmart's fundraising round. ... read more
September 8, 2017

Albert Mucunguzi, PC Tech on the Ugandan start-up scene and its future prospects

Albert Mucunguzi, PC Tech talks about:the size and growth of the Ugandan start-up sector; the barriers to start-up growth; examples of interesting start-ups; and what the start-up sector will deliver in 5-10 years time. ... read more
June 30, 2015

Rukky Ladoja, Grey on running a fashion start-up in Nigeria and selling through Jumia

Rukky Ladoja, founder of fashion brands Grey and Even Tribe talks about: how she went from working in a bank to starting her own fashion labels; the type of clothes she makes, the different price points and production runs; selling through e-commerce retailer Jumia Nigeria; and the barriers to making clothes in Nigeria; and the lack of support structures for the nascent fashion industry. ... read more
November 9, 2014

Pim de Wit on investing in African online companies without a financial track record

Pim de Wit, Partner, African Media Venture Fund talks about: what the Fund has invested in and why; the size of its investments; lessons from the first round of investments; and what he looks for in companies he invests in. ... read more
October 18, 2014

Adebayi Adegbembo, Genii Games on educational apps to promote Yoruba language and culture

Founder and Chief Cultural Evangelist of Genii Games, Adebayi Adegbembo on: how its brand Asa promotes Yoruba language and culture; the apps that have most successful; the number of paid and free users; how distribution of the apps are done; and an illustration on a tablet of some of the screens from one of the apps. ... read more
August 18, 2014

Olufunbi Folayi, Passion Incubator on providing a "nursery school" for non-tech entrepreneurs

Olufunbi Folayi, Co-Founder, Passion Incubator on: how the incubator works and who it's aimed at; the six start-ups teams in the incubator; how it has attracted its funding; and focusing less on money and more on the ideas. ... read more
August 18, 2014
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