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Larry Izamoje, Sports Radio Brila FM on launching an online sports TV channel in Nigeria

Larry Izamoje, Chair and CEO of Sports Radio Brila FM talks about: how Sports Radio Brila FM has become a national radio station; the type of programmes it broadcasts; and its plans to launch an online sports TV channel aimed at smartphone users. ... read more
November 9, 2014

Michael Wanguhu on a TV series that follows Kenya's marathon runners in the USA

Michael Wanguhu, Black Medley Entertainment on: its programme about Kenyan marathon runners called Marathon Fuse; how it shoots everything from an African perspective; and selling the programme at broadcasters' trade show DISCOP. ... read more
October 11, 2014

Gary Rathbone on the launch of Sports News Africa - reflecting the fans' conversation

Gary Rathbone, founder Sports News Africa on: what Sports News Africa is setting out to do; how it will cover sports from the point of view of the African fan; how this point of view affects its coverage; the format and frequency of the programmes; where it is currently available; and how it will start and pick up on fan conversations about sports on the continent. ... read more
October 4, 2014
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