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Irfan Mirza on why Tanzanian start-up Trend Solar offers users a solar panel plus smartphone

CEO and Co-Founder Irfan Mirza, Trend Solar talks about: what Trend Solar does; why it gives its customer a smartphone; how it addresses the digital divide; the number of customers; how many customers use up their data allowance; their fundraising round; and future expansion plans. ... read more
January 20, 2018

Kevin Sara & Nashwa Satti, Nur Energie, talk concentrated solar power in Africa

Kevin Sara, founder of multi-region solar development company Nur Energie, and Nashwa Satti, project manager at Nur, talk about their work with CSP, or concentrated solar power, as opposed to the more common PV, or photovoltaic solar power. They explain: how CSP works and its advantages over PV; their €10bn solar project to export power from Tunisia to Italy via a 600km undersea cable; the potential for expansion in sub-Saharan Africa and into rural 'off-grid' areas; the financing of the business; and the benefits of power plants than can be assembled locally. ... read more
April 30, 2014
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