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Victoria Cuming, Bloomburg New Energy Finance on how Africa is doing in terms of renewable energy

Victoria Cuming, Head of Policy - Europe, Middle East and Africa, Bloomburg New Energy Finance on: how well Sub-Saharan African countries are doing in terms of reducing their carbon footprint; the use of new coal facilities in some countries; the Nigerian privatization programme; finance sources for renewable energy; big renewable deals in the offing; and the prospects for reducing emissions in Africa. ... read more
June 30, 2015

Dirk de Vos on the lessons of the South African Govt's renewables scheme for the rest of Africa

Dirk de Vos runs a corporate finance consultancy, QED Solutions, in Cape Town and has been advising the renewable energy sector in South Africa for the last 5 years. He talks about: the advantages that renewables have over "big energy" projects; the South African renewable energy scheme; the process of awarding contracts to bidders; the social aspect of the contracts; the amount of energy South Africa will produce from renewables; and the lessons for the rest of the continent from the scheme. ... read more
December 5, 2014
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