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Seyi Taylor, Big Cabal Media on creating Zikoko, an online media platform for African millennials

Seyi Taylor, Big Cabal Media talks about: how the idea for developing its online platforms came about; the growth of Tech Cabal and how it's monetizing it; the launch of Zikoko; its growth ambitions; and raising capital for growth. ... read more
December 16, 2017

Fatima el Issawi on the current state of public and private media in Libya and the challenges faced

Fatima el Issawi, author of Libya Media Transition - Heading Into the Unknown talks about: what happened to state journalists after the Revolution; the gap between online and traditional media; the attitude of the Government to press freedom and private ownership; the difficulties experienced by media in taking a critical stance; the business models of the new private media; and changes needed in the future. ... read more
August 28, 2013
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