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Tonje Bakang on his new online film and TV platform for francophone Africa, Afrostream

Tonje Bakang, founder Afrostream talks about: the kind of content Afrostream will offer its users; how it will handle rights acquisition; and when and how it will launch. ... read more
June 30, 2014

Antos Stella, CCA on the impact of digital on the music business in Africa

Antos Stella, Managing Director and shareholder in Content Connect Africa (CCA) talks about: what CCA does as a music agency; its country coverage across Africa; the deals it does with artists, including recording them; international music platforms coming to Africa; the investment by MTN; and whether subscriptions or live streams are the best business model. ... read more
June 11, 2014

The late Carey Eaton, One Africa Media on how it became one of Africa's largest online players

The late Carey Eaton, Co-Founder One Africa Media talks about: the online brands it has set up or bought; where it is the dominant player; its business model; its competitors; where it plans to expand and its investment from Tiger Global. ... read more
June 11, 2014

Johann Jenson, on how this accommodation portal works and its expansion plans

Johann Jenson, Founder and CEO, talks about: the types of accommodation featured on the site; the number of users; the challenges of connecting guest houses in remote areas using SMS; its expansion plans; and its ambition to be an online version of the old print guide books. ... read more
July 14, 2013

Jim Chuchu, The Nest on its online fashion week and its planned online music event

Jim Chuchu, The Nest talks about the the Virtual Fashion Week it ran and the upcoming online music event. ... read more
July 14, 2013

Anthony Lilley, Magic Lantern on public broadcasting in an online age

Anthony Lilley, CEO, Magic Lantern and adviser to the UK regulator OFCOM on: the origins of public broadcasting in the UK and Europe; how public broadcasting is funded in the UK; OFCOM's reviews of the BBC; and how the BBC is regulated ... read more
June 24, 2012
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