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Namibia's 1st Pitch Night: Five entrepreneurs pitch their start-ups

There were 10 start-ups pitching and this video is a selection of five of them. The winner was Kaveto Tjatjara, World View for his waterless toilet. He's interviewed separately on: The five pitches in this clip are: Pebl (a low-cost computing device); Green Team (a water filtration product); Braaitime (a meat sales site); Glowdom (teaching code); and Proquest (online medical advice). ... read more
November 12, 2017

Lucy K, Mobile Reporting Project, NBC on using phones to record and upload stories to radio and TV

Lucy K, Mobile Reporting Project, NBC talks about: how the Government broadcaster in Namibia is using mobile for radio, TV and multimedia broadcasting; how content of this kind can be edited and shared on different channels, including social media; which social media platforms are most used in Namibia; and an example of how a story went viral on social media. ... read more
October 10, 2017

Joris Komen on the Library Pi, a low cost, solar powered device to deliver education resources

Based in Namibia, Joris Komen created the Library Pi to deliver both offline and online large scale educational resources at a low cost. The interview covers: how a Raspberry Pi has been used to create the device; the type of online and offline educational resources that can be fitted on this 32 GB device; the cost of the device; what pico power is and how there is a solar option to power the device. ... read more
April 6, 2014
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