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Toby Kurien, IBM Research on a cheap, wearable sensor to track the spread of tuberculosis in SA

Toby Kurien, IBM Research talks about: why the IBM Research Lab decided it needed a Maker Space; the different types of prototyping equipment available in the Maker Space in Tshimologong Precinct in downtown Johannesburg; and using a wearable sensor to track tuberculosis and patient journeys. ... read more
December 16, 2017

Start-up founder Nicole Kayode, Medixus on a peer to peer advice app for African doctors

Start-up founder Nicole Kayode, Medixus talks about: how the Medixus platform will work; how doctors will benefit from using the platform; the business model; Kayode's attitude to start-up investment; and its launch plans. ... read more
April 26, 2017

Sara Hilliard Garrett on Vula Mobile's app that connects rural nurses to medical specialists

Sara Hilliard Garrett, Strategy and Legal, Vula Mobile talks about: what Vula Mobile's app does; how the founder came to start the company; how rural health workers can use the app to communicate more effectively with medical specialists;where the app is being used in South Africa; the current use stats; its expansion plans outside South Africa; and its business model. ... read more
January 7, 2017

Dr Adejobi Adeloye, NovaDOC on an app subscription service that provides doctors on call

Dr Adejobi Adeloye, NovaDOC talks about: making changes in healthcare in Nigeria; providing a doctors on call platform; and how the service might be used in rural areas. ... read more
July 21, 2016

Puseletso Mompei on self-funded personal health record start-up CenHealth

Puseletso Mompei, New Business Director, CenHealth talks about: what this South African start-up does; its partnership with ER24; the business model for the company; the different packages it offers; and how it sees its future prospects. ... read more
November 27, 2015

Albert Saka on the challenges of persuading people in rural Zambia to use life saving diahorrea kits

Project Manager Albert Saka, Keepers Zambia talks to Rob Mayes about his work on the Cola Life pilot: working in two districts to pilot the Cola Life approach; getting mothers to understand the benefits of the diahorrea kits as an alternative to traditional healers or remedies; the level of use of the kits at the end of the trial; and about his role in the the documentary The Cola Road. ... read more
December 15, 2013

Jane & Simon Berry on how they used Coca Cola's distribution model to deliver life-saving kits

The subjects of a new award winning documentary (The Cola Road), the founders of Cola Life, Jane and Simon Berry talk to Rob Mayes about: why was Coca Cola able to deliver its drink to the most rural parts of Africa but medicines didn't get there; how the came to start Cola Life and the impact of the Internet and Facebook on it becoming a success; the design of the pack to go into Coca Cola delivery crates; the trial they ran to prove to approach in Zambia and its results; the lessons from the pilot; and how they see the approach being implemented. ... read more
November 29, 2013

Maeghan Orton, Medic Mobile on how SMS generated health data can be used for decision-making

Maeghan Orton, Medic Mobile on: what happens to the data Medic Mobile helps collect; whether decisions are made using the data; an application to ensure vaccine fridges stay at the right temperature; stock control using Medic Mobile apps; and the important of committed staff in Ministries of Health. ... read more
August 5, 2013

Maeghan Orton, Medic Mobile on using SMS services to connect rural unconnected clinics

Maeghan Orton, Medic Mobile talks about: the apps Medic Mobile has built; where these are being used; the number of people using them; using a microprocessor and SIM to collect data; the types of phones used; what phones health workers have; and creating a sustainable model by offering a recharger to health workers. ... read more
August 4, 2013

Balasundaram Lavan on recycling pacemakers for those who can't afford them in developing countries

Founder of pace4life Balasundaram Lavan talks about: how he came to set up the company; the processes involved in recycling pacemakers; the partners pace4life operates with; and the business model of the company. ... read more
July 14, 2013

Ben Bellows on using health vouchers to improve infant mortality for low-income mothers

Ben Bellows, Research Associate, Population Council, Kenya talks about: the health gap in terms of births between OECD and developing countries and within rich and poor in developing countries; using vouchers to target subsidy to low-income families; the Kenyan pilot in 5 out of 47 counties; and the impact of the pilot so far. ... read more
May 28, 2013

Public health analyst Geof Rayner on legislating against unhealthy food ingredients like trans fats

Geof Rayner, Professor Associate in Public Health, Brunel University and Honorary Research Fellow, City University, London talks about: how the Food Standards Agency in the UK no longer has responsibility for nutrition; the legislation in Denmark against trans fats; the use of saturated fats and how these are cheaper and more abundant as a side-product of low-fat foods; and the increasing use of corn syrups. ... read more
May 13, 2013

Gregg Sando on how he came to set up Cell Medica and the new cell therapies it is pioneering

Gregg Sando, CEO and Founder, Cell Medica on: why he gave up being a banker and went back to University; how this helped him recruit for his new company; the use of cells to boost the body's immunity and its applications; competing approaches using drugs; the reason for adopting approaches that build immunity; the process used by Cell Medica; and the viruses that lay dormant in everyone. ... read more
May 13, 2013

Geoff Rayner on how Pepsi thinks about the potential threat of legislation on soft drinks and fats

Geoff Rayner, Professor Associate in Public Health, Brunel University and Honorary Research Fellow, City University, London talks about: how trends in food and drink legislation will affect companies; how a company like Pepsi is beginning to think through these issues; and the impact on companies of things like like legislation in New York on trans fats. This clip is a preview to a longer interview that will appear in March 2013. ... read more
February 25, 2013

Dr Kosala Liyange on Prognosis on his doctors' learning app that uses case studies

WSA Mobile Content Awards 2013 winner: Sri Lankan Dr Kosala Liyange, Medical Joyworks (Company motto: Making medicine fun) on its app Prognosis - Your Diagnosis talks about: how it's like having Dr House on your phone; the number of case studies and downloads; the expert validation of the case study material; and who uses the app. ... read more
February 15, 2013
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