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Mortimer Harvey's Luisa Mazinter on how digital is changing the African advertising agency

Luisa Mazinter, Group Chief Innovation Officer, Mortimer Harvey talks about: what Mortimer Harvey does across Africa; the impact of digital on its own business and the African advertising business more generally; how it uses branded content; and how digital data is more powerful than market research. ... read more
May 27, 2016

Rob Stokes of digital agency Quirk on what digital Africa will look like in 5 years time

Rob Stokes,, founder and CEO of digital agency Quirk talks about: why JWT bought the company; the split of Quirk's revenues between South Africa and elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa; the relationship between digital and traditional media; and what will happen to digital Africa over the next five years. ... read more
September 17, 2015

Babatope Falade, Terragon Media on promoting an app for an m-money provider

Babatope Faladi, Terragon Media talks about: what Terragon and Twinpine do; two examples of digital advertising campaigns it has carried out, one for Unilever and the other for a mobile payments company; and how quickly Nigerian clients are adapting to digital advertising. ... read more
August 18, 2014

Seanice Kacungira on launching a Ugandan digital agency & the tipping point for online advertising

Seanice Kacungira, CEO, Blu Flamingo talks about how she and her business partner set up Blu Flamingo in 2010 and how the online advertising space in Uganda is growing. The interview covers: what motivated their first client to come on board; how well You Tube is used in Uganda by brands and music performers; the levels of digital advertising spend; and how digital spend compares with ads in newspapers for effectiveness. ... read more
February 14, 2014

Gaurav Singh, Chief Digital Officer, Scan Group on when brands will spend more on digital in Africa

Gaurav Singh, Chief Digital Officer, Scan Group talks about how an increasing number of Africa's citizens have access to digital devices (he cites 44% in Kenya) and that soon advertising spending will come to reflect this with a transition to digital online and social media. The interview covers: the range of spending amongst existing brands; his desire to see the digital agency take over the traditional role of the advertising agency; and his timescale for when the transition will take place. ... read more
January 23, 2014
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