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Nii Simmonds on how Africa's diaspora can help build agri-businesses

World Bank consultant Nii Simmonds talks about: how he is developing technical assistance programmes with the diaspora; the industry sectors he's working with; the importance of the agri-business sector; the way multinationals are looking at agri-business; boot-camps for agri-business start-ups; and the kind of people involved in these start-ups. ... read more
October 13, 2015

Murali Shanmugavelan, MApp-IT on an Android app to collect evaluation data for projects in Africa

Murali Shanmugavelan, founder MApp-IT talks aboutL why development projects need an app for collecting data in remote areas; what the app can do and how it works offline; its development in Afghanistan; and who might find it useful in Africa. ... read more
February 19, 2015

Syed Karim, Outernet on a satellite media distribution service to reach people in unconnected areas

Syed Karim, founder and CEO, Outernet talks about: what Outernet is and what it does; the cost of one of the devices to receive it; whether it's a media or hardware company; how it's financed; its customers and users; and what it's going to be doing in Africa. ... read more
February 1, 2015

Wayan Vota on Feedback Labs which will allow citizens to rate & complain about schools and clinics

Wayan Vota, Communications Manager, Development Gateway and a partner in the Open Government Hub talks about: what the Open Government Hub does; how the Freelabs Initiative came about; how it can be used to bring the citizen into the conversation about Government and donor funding in developing countries; and issues like citizen expectations. ... read more
October 25, 2013

Ben Bellows on using health vouchers to improve infant mortality for low-income mothers

Ben Bellows, Research Associate, Population Council, Kenya talks about: the health gap in terms of births between OECD and developing countries and within rich and poor in developing countries; using vouchers to target subsidy to low-income families; the Kenyan pilot in 5 out of 47 counties; and the impact of the pilot so far. ... read more
May 28, 2013

Owen Barder on what rich nations can do to give poor nations better opportunities that are not aid

Owen Barder, Director for Europe, Center for Global Development on: areas where rich nations can improve the prospects of poorer nations (investment, trade, technology transfer, security, migration and environment); ensuring that multinationals pay their taxes equitably in developing countries; how the decisions made over things like food by emerging nations affect poorer nations; why some of the poorer nations are against trade reform; the impact of developed world standards as a barrier to trade; and why migration is a politically tough issue but essential to encouraging global development. ... read more
March 2, 2013

Jerome Booth, Ashmore: Why development aid should incentivise good governance

Jerome Booth, Research Manager, Ashmore on why some developing countries are developing faster than others; why Africa may undergo what happened in Latin America 20 years ago; why development aid should incentivise good governance; and the importance of property rights ... read more
June 11, 2011
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