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Tosh Juma, Nairobi Design Institute on the setting up of a human-centred design course for companies

Tosh Juma, Nairobi Design Institute talks about: what Nairobi Design Institute wants to do; how it is prototyping its first course course; the project-based way it will teach; its fundraising; and its longer-term ambitions. ... read more
March 27, 2017

Aaron Kohn, Museum of African Design on why African start-ups are a form of design

Aaron Kohn, Director, Museum of African Design (MOAD) talks about: what MOAD covers; its 21 Icons exhibition; exhibitions past and planned, including street fashion and beaded cars; what design means for Africa; why tech start-ups can be seen as design; how it funds itself; and MOAD as part of regeneration in dowtown Johannesburg. ... read more
October 18, 2014

Marco Steinberg, Finnish Innovation Fund on designers leading re-design of public services

Marco Steinberg, Director of Strategic Design, Finnish Innovation Fund whose work includes: Helsinki Design Lab; the Design Exchange; and Low2No. He talks about: what projects have been successful and how do you measure success; working at the margin to change services; using committees of experts to help design services; how to negotiate the decision-making process; and looking to do things that will save lives. ... read more
November 29, 2012

Jerome Booth, Ashmore: Why development aid should incentivise good governance

Jerome Booth, Research Manager, Ashmore on why some developing countries are developing faster than others; why Africa may undergo what happened in Latin America 20 years ago; why development aid should incentivise good governance; and the importance of property rights ... read more
June 11, 2011
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