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Madiba Guillame Olivier, Kiro'o Games on raising 128,000 euros to be 1st games studio in Africa

Madiba Guillame Olivier, Kiro'o Games talks about: the games studio it has set up in Cameroon's capital Yaounde; its soon-to-launch game, Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan; why it chose to make it for PCs before mobiles; its fundraising; and the launch date for the game. ... read more
May 3, 2015

Alrick September, Techladon on the forthcoming FIFA 15 gaming tournament in Cape Town

Alrick September of gaming site talks about: the soon-to-be-launched gaming and mobile site Techladon; the FIFA 15 tournament it will be running in Cape Town; the main games played by South African gamers; the number of South African gamers; his ambition to bring an MLG event to Cape Town; and how people buy games and piracy. ... read more
November 16, 2014

Olakunle Ogungbamila, Kuluya Games on striking distribution deals in China and India

Olakunle Ogungbamila, Kuluya Games talks about: why it started developing games for browsers, not mobiles; which of its games are most popular; its viral hit Ogas At The Top; its transition to making games for mobiles; the barrier of mobile payment; and its international distribution deals. ... read more
July 15, 2014

GamersNights: Multiplayer computer gamers in Uganda, spreading out across Africa

GamersNights is a short overview of multiplayer computer gaming in Uganda with interviews with some of the key players. The interview covers: how GamersNights came to be set up (Samuel Odeke) ; the age and gender of the players; what games people like Saint enjoy playing; the localisation of content for Call of Duty; a rig for speed games built by Douglas Were; and why multiplayer computer gaming can help develop connectivity in Africa by Kyle Spencer. ... read more
February 24, 2014
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