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Yannick Lefang, Kasi Insights on Africa's elusive middle class and what apps people use and why

Yannick Lefang, Kasi Insights talks about: how big Africa's middle class is and the best way to measure it; what creates a willingness to pay by African consumers; his study on mobile apps and what it shows; and the urban sample of his market research surveys. ... read more
January 7, 2017

Sadibou Sow on Dev Academie's mentor-guided open learning space and its expansion plans in 2016

Sadibou Sow, Dev Academie talks about: how its open learning space works; how its students become freelancers; the kinds of real work projects students get to do; how it evolved from using lecturers to having mentors; and its expansion plans in 2016. ... read more
February 14, 2016

Serigne Barro, People Input on its social Instant Messaging platform Ginger and its VIP Club

Serigne Barro, People Input talks about: what this digital agency did when it was launched in 2002; the shift it made in 2010; its Instant Messaging platform Ginger; the VIP Club it runs alongside side ot; its local African stickers; the VoD platform with programmes about former African Presidents; and its plans for the next three years. ... read more
February 14, 2016
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