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NewGenAngels' Sean Obedih on the upcoming Africa Business Angels Forum in London

NewGenAngels' Sean Obedih talks about: what the Africa Business Angels Forum aims to do; the format of the event; who it is aimed at; other events he has organised and is own start-up past; and what will change in the African start-up ecosystem in the next five years. ... read more
January 30, 2016

Eric Osiakwan, co-founder Angel Fair on angel investing in Africa

Co-founder of Angel Fair Eric Osiakwan talks about: the idea behind Angel Fair and the events it has already run; forthcoming events in Lagos, Johannesburg and Cape Town; what type of person is an angel investor in Africa; and advantageous changes in investment law in South Africa. ... read more
June 11, 2014
Africori Balancing Act Africa


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