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Inspire challenge entrant Ollie Smeenk, Kukua on getting weather data to African farmers

Ollie Smeenk, Founder, Kukua talks about: how it collects weather information in Nigeria and other African countries; the business model behind Kukua; and its future expansion plans. ... read more
November 12, 2017

Andy Jarvis, CIAT on the 4 things making Big Data in agriculture possible in Africa

Andy Jarvis, CIAT talks about: the CGIAR Big Data in Agriculture Convention; and the four things that are enabling the use of Big Data in agriculture. ... read more
October 3, 2017

Jehiel Oliver, Hello Tractor on how his start-up pivoted from manufacturing to data collection

Jehiel Oliver, CEO, Hello Tractor talks about: how the idea for Hello Tractor came about; why it has pivoted away from making tractors; the software product that allows tractor owners to gather data and use their machines more efficiently; which tractors in Africa and elsewhere it is focusing on; how the company is financed; and the type of data tractors can collect. ... read more
October 3, 2017
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