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Isabel Kearney, Mediae on its new Know Zone series for Rwandan primary school children

Isabel Kearney, Mediae talks about: its new Know Zone series in Rwanda; who it is aimed at and what subjects it is focused on; the format of the programmes; and the impact of the Know Zone in audience terms in Kenya. ... read more
October 9, 2013

Maria Jose Vadillo, FAPAE on what Spaniards watch on TV and the making of Spanish telenovelas

Maria Jose Vadillo, International Relations Director, FAPAE talks about: the popular and critical TV programme successes on Spanish TV; the sale of animation series overseas; and how its broadcasters made Spanish telenovelas to compete with their Latin American counterparts. ... read more
April 26, 2013

Brazil's Marco Altberg & Rachel do Valle on the local content quota for Pay TV

MIPCOM 2012: Brazil: Marco Altberg, ABPITV and Rachel do Valle, Brazilian TV Producers on: the popularity of telenovelas; the local content quota for Pay TV; popular children's animation; and the controversy of a rape in Big Brother ... read more
October 14, 2012
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