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Peter Williams, BRIXMIS -East German Secret Service files showed how they tried to wound or kill us

Peter Williams, ex BRIXMIS (during the 1980s) talks about how after the Cold War ended he went to look at his file in the East German Secret Police (Stasi) archives: what the Secret Service and Police documents in the archive revealed; meeting the man who drive the truck at them; and what the truck driver who had crashed into them told him. ... read more
September 7, 2013

Peter Williams, ex BRIXMIS on being rammed by an East German 10 ton truck at a radar station

Peter Williams, ex BRIXMIS (in the 1980s) talks about the Athenstedt incident: taking his new Brigadier on a tour into East Germany; how they came to find themselves in Athenstedt near an East German radar station; being deliberately rammed by an East German Air Force truck; and the fall-out from what happened. ... read more
September 7, 2013

BRIXMIS - Angus Southwood on stealing the secrets of a Soviet jet

At the end of World War II, there was an agreement between the allies to set up liaison missions into each other's occupied sectors. With the start of the Cold War, these missions became a perfect vehicle for spying. The British mission was known by its acronym BRIXMIS and In this second video clip, Angus Southwood who served in it talks about how the British stole the technology secrets of a downed Soviet ject and how the touring missions were organised to spy in East Germany. ... read more
June 16, 2012
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