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Itumuleng Mabote on how start-up Ubutouch creates trusted, smart access to the home

Itumuleng Mabote, Ubutouch talks about: what Ubutouch is working on; how trusted smart access might work; the pilot it is carrying out; and looking for funding. ... read more
October 25, 2018

Quentin Harley on the 3D printers he makes and maker spaces in Johannesburg

Quentin Harley, Morgan 3D Printers talks about: how he came to be making 3D printers; the type of printers he makes; how people are using his 3D printers; and House for Hack and other maker spaces in Johannesburg. ... read more
April 10, 2018

Vikash Govindjee on how start-up Carter helps South Africans buy a new car

Vikash Govindjee, Co-Founder, Carter talks about: how the app and website help guide South Africans through the complicated process of buying a new car; how many people are using Carter; its investors; and future plans. ... read more
March 13, 2018

Lebogang Madise, mlab on the two biggest barriers holding back start-ups in South Africa

Lebogang Madise, mlab talks about: the three different programmes that mlab runs; examples of start-ups it is supporting; and the two biggest barriers to start-up growth in South Africa. ... read more
February 17, 2018

Carol Kioko on how Kenya-South African film co-productions work with some examples

Kenyan film-maker, producer and director Carol Kioko talks about: the slate of 5 films being co-produced between South Africa and Kenya; the stories in two of them, one about a losing South African football team and the other about a single mother; her own projects, a short and a feature film; and issues around women's identity in the media. ... read more
February 17, 2018

Akin Omotoso on his two new films Vaya and A Hotel Called Memory

Film-maker Akin Omotoso talks about: the three intertwined stories in the film Vaya; the Homeless Writers Project out of which it came; his silent film, tone poem A Hotel Called Memory; and his fortcoming documentary The Colour of Wine about the transition from Apartheid seen through the perspective of 4 Black pioneers in the wine industry. ... read more
November 12, 2017

Willie Currie: His comic novel Blue Eland Foxtrot on apartheid & eerie present day parallels

Author Willie Currie talks about: his novel Blue Eland Foxtrot; the story in the novel and its autobiographical aspects; the impact of the UDF; whether Afrikaans nationalism was a cousin of Nazism; and the eerie parallels between apartheid and the present day Government. ... read more
August 11, 2017

Domestly Co-Founders Berno Potgieter and Thatoyaone Marumo on being the Uber for cleaners in SA

Domestly Co-Founders Berno Potgieter and Thatoyaone Marumo talk about: how the idea for Domestly came about; what it does and how it works; the number of people using it; and the company's investors. ... read more
February 28, 2017

Catherine Luckhoff, NicheStreem on bringing Afrikaans music and Nigerian gospel online

Catherine Luckhoff, founder and CEO, NicheStreem talks about: what the company does; its first streaming service aimed at Afrikaans music lovers; why a niche streaming service will work; its plans for a Nigerian gospel channel and its other plans for Iran and Brazil; and why it can break even earlier than other streaming services. ... read more
August 7, 2016

Mortimer Harvey's Luisa Mazinter on how digital is changing the African advertising agency

Luisa Mazinter, Group Chief Innovation Officer, Mortimer Harvey talks about: what Mortimer Harvey does across Africa; the impact of digital on its own business and the African advertising business more generally; how it uses branded content; and how digital data is more powerful than market research. ... read more
May 27, 2016

Gallo's Tsholo Moraba on its label acquisitions and how tech is increasing royalties collection

Tsholo Moraba, General Manager, Gallo Music Publishers talks about: the label and publishing acquisitions Gallo has made; the opening of a rights office in Kenya; selling rights across the continent; his involvement on the board of SAMRO; its implementation of a digital rights management system and the increase in revenues achieved through it. ... read more
April 27, 2016

Tebogo Malope on his film For Love and Broken Bones, loneliness and the dream that started it all

South African film-maker Tebogo Malope talks about: how the mood and the idea for For Love and Broken Bones came to him in a dream; the story in the movie; how the film was distributed and the prize it won; and his for two new films. ... read more
March 8, 2016

Takunda Bimha on the Johannesburg International Comedy Festival and his plans for it in 2016

Takunda Bimha, Festival Director, Johannesburg International Comedy Festival talks about: how the idea for a Festival came about; his international partner for the Festival; the strands of the festival and the different kinds of comedy in each of them; why it used venues in downtown areas like Braamfontein and New Town; and his plans for the Festival in 2016. ... read more
February 14, 2016

How to steal 2 Million's Charlie Vundla on Cuckold, a film about a menage a trois

Film-maker Charlie Vundla talks about: how Cuckold came to be made; why the project is very personal; the story in the film; and his future plans including making a TV series of How To Steal 2 Million. ... read more
February 14, 2016

Rapelang Rabana on creating learning in bite-size chunks for web and mobile phones

Rapelang Rabana, CEO and co-founder, Rekindle Learning talks about: why she set up Rekindle Learning; which companies they have as clients; why the company is still self-funded; and her expansion plans. ... read more
January 30, 2016

Timothy Spira on eNCA's digital news transition and the growth in online audiences

Timothy Spira, Online General Manager, eNCA talks about: what was different 4 years ago when it made the digital transition; what the challenges are for print vs broadcast organisations; the growth in the use of video; what things will look like in 3-5 years time; and online vs TV. ... read more
January 30, 2016

Amaru da Costa, Soulistic Music on the digital success of Black Coffee's album Pieces of Me

Amaru da Costa, Soulistic Music talks about: how he became Black Coffee's Manager; the artists on Soulistic Music; the digital success of Pieces of Me; what Black Coffee has been doing since his last album; the barriers to people buying digital music; and what it will look like in 5 years time. ... read more
January 30, 2016

Puseletso Mompei on self-funded personal health record start-up CenHealth

Puseletso Mompei, New Business Director, CenHealth talks about: what this South African start-up does; its partnership with ER24; the business model for the company; the different packages it offers; and how it sees its future prospects. ... read more
November 27, 2015's Ryan Dingley on his online audio radio start-up and its pan-African expansion plans

Ryan Dingley, Founder and CEO, talks about: what does; why it avoids music radio; the enormous growth it has experienced in South Africa; the changes in radio listening behaviour; its latest funding round;the business model and its data-based approach to advertising. ... read more
August 2, 2015

Andrew Rudge, Reach Trust on expanding the mobile reach of its African ed & health service

Andrew Rudge, Reach Trust on: what the organisation does; how he came to set up Reach; its initial relationship with Mxit; its current multi-platform strategy; its Africa expansion plans; its potential relationship with the Lego Foundation; and how users use its information. ... read more
July 6, 2015

South African TV producer Asi Mathaba on his next TV series, a political thriller called A Luta

South African TV and Film producer Asi Mathaba on: his past work; his new TV series A Luta set in post Apartheid South Africa where the hero has to rescue the President from assassination and corruption by fighting his ex-comrades; and his need for co-production financing from East Africa. ... read more
June 9, 2015

Dmitry Shishkin on a BBC hackathon in Africa to find new ways to consume and hear its news

Dmitry Shishkin, World Service Group Digital Development Editor, BBC talks about: why the BBC decided to run this initiative; the two places it ran hackathons and its partners; the issues it was asking hackers to tackle; the ideas developed so far and how it will support the winners. ... read more
May 11, 2015

David Forbes on his documentary about an Ndebele women shot over 20 years of her life

South African Film-maker David Forbes talks about: about his life story documentary When I Was Water; how the relationship with the women's family started when she was 14; her marriage, the birth of her children and the breakdown of her marriage; the editing of the film in Kenya; and the launch of the film. ... read more
February 19, 2015

Julie Taylor on a new online gallery for Southern African artists called Guns and Rain

South African Julie Taylor, Director of a new contemporary art platform on: the origins of the gallery's name, Guns and Rain; how ordering from the online platform works; curating online exhibitions with Google Open Gallery; the kinds of artists features on the platform; the impact of online on art buying habits; and why online makes art more accessible. ... read more
February 1, 2015

Eban Oliver, Skyroomlive on livestreaming top African music acts in concert to the world

Eban Oliver, Skyroomlive talks about: the size of the live music touring circuit in South Africa and the acts that play it; its portal for livestreaming concerts; the different models it's using for livestreaming; livestreaming 3D footage; and the 3D viewers it's selling. ... read more
January 18, 2015

South Africa start-up Mediabox's James Muir on an open access version of Apple TV

James Muir, founder of Mediabox talks about: what Mediabox does; how the hardware and software works; the different apps that can be used to control it; the cost of the device when it's launched; and its crowdsourced funding campaign on Indiegogo. ... read more
January 11, 2015

Alrick September, Techladon on the forthcoming FIFA 15 gaming tournament in Cape Town

Alrick September of gaming site talks about: the soon-to-be-launched gaming and mobile site Techladon; the FIFA 15 tournament it will be running in Cape Town; the main games played by South African gamers; the number of South African gamers; his ambition to bring an MLG event to Cape Town; and how people buy games and piracy. ... read more
November 16, 2014

Harael Salkow, Soul Candi Records on the House Music scene in SA and digital downloads

Harael Salkow, CEO, Soul Candi Records on: how the label came out of selling records; the roster of artists and DJs on the label; what sales numbers are; the scale of the House scene in South Africa; digital downloads and the slow pace of take-up; and who it competes with. ... read more
October 18, 2014

Man on Ground Akin Omotoso on his latest film a rom-com called Tell Me Sweet Something

Director of Man On Ground Akin Omotoso talks about: how as a Nigerian he came to live in South Africa; the story in Man On Ground and why he decided to make this film; how xenophobia has been a theme in the last two of his films; the inspiration for his romantic comedy Tell Me Sweet Something; its financing and the distribution plans for it. ... read more
September 27, 2014

Tefo Mohapi, Lean Startup Machine on the two barriers to success in Joburg startup scene

Tefo Mohapi, Lean Startup Machine Johannesburg ( talks about: its 3 day intensive workshop approach; the different elements of the workshop; the kinds of people who come to the workshop; the types of projects they want to set up; and the two key barriers in the Johannesburg start-up scene. ... read more
September 27, 2014
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