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Herman Singh on how MTN sees Africa's digital future...and it's one app

Herman Singh, Group Chief Digital Officer, MTN talks about: the distribution of phones and how people access the Internet; its most popular music platform after ringback tones; the need to invest in creating communities and keeping them engaged; its own investments in digital platforms and the lessons from them; and what Africa's young market means for digital. ... read more
December 16, 2017

Corbyn Munnik on start-up Sliide, an African mobile Flipboard with free data, launched in Nigeria

Corbyn Munnik, CEO and Founder of Sliide talks about: the launch of Sliide in Nigeria; how it delivers content to the mobile home screen; the type of content you can get; how it uses its ad revenues to buy data for its users; how it raised funds in the UK, Nigeria and Silicon Valley for its launch; the attitude of the mobile operators; and the type of local content it offers. ... read more
March 29, 2016

Julian Von Plato, PockitTV on putting video on every mobile in Africa

Julian Von Plato, founder, PockitTv talks about: the video services it's currently offering on mobile in South Africa; its expansion into the rest of Africa; its Nigerian music service; why hyper-local works; data bundling plans; its business model; and the type of content it's looking for. ... read more
January 9, 2016

Andrew Rudge, Reach Trust on expanding the mobile reach of its African ed & health service

Andrew Rudge, Reach Trust on: what the organisation does; how he came to set up Reach; its initial relationship with Mxit; its current multi-platform strategy; its Africa expansion plans; its potential relationship with the Lego Foundation; and how users use its information. ... read more
July 6, 2015

GSMA's Claire Sibthorpe on a study on the gap between men and women's use of mobile phones in Africa

Claire Sibthorpe, GSMA Connected Women Programme Director talks about a global study of the gender gap in mobile ownership and use, focusing on the African results in the study. She talks about: the overall global picture in terms of the gender gap; how Africa compares to the rest of the world; variations between different African countries; the reasons for the gender gap and the key factors; and what might be done to close the gender gap. ... read more
April 10, 2015

Elizabeth Hensick Wood on Worldreader's large mobile reading community in Africa

Elizabeth Hensick Wood, Managing Director, Worldreader Europe on: how many people read its books on mobile in Africa; the different platforms the books are available on; what it costs to read the books; the African authors on the platform; the recent development of pay-for books; what it knows about its readers; the most searched terms on Worldreader; and why Africans do read books. ... read more
March 7, 2015

Raul Martinez, Millicom on digital content in Africa and how it's backing start-ups

Raul Martinez, Commercial Director - Africa, Millicom on: drawing on its experience of rolling out Triple Play in Latin America; its investment in Rocket; its support to open the Think incubator in Rwanda and Millicom Digital Ventures; its partnership with Facebook in Tanzania; its approach to solving payment for digital services; and the road from being a mobile operator to a digital services company. ... read more
September 11, 2014

Founder of Tuluntulu Pierre van der Hoven talks about: the launch of the Tuluntulu service; the kind of content channels that it is offering; planned new channels in the near future; its business model; and its future growth predictions. ... read more
June 30, 2014

Chike Maduegbuna, Afrinolly on its deal with MTN to distribute this mobile content platform

Chike Maduegbuna, Afrinolly talks about: its latest deal with MTN to put its platform out in all its territories; its strategy to widen its distribution; and the short film competition it is running. ... read more
November 19, 2013

Maeghan Orton, Medic Mobile on how SMS generated health data can be used for decision-making

Maeghan Orton, Medic Mobile on: what happens to the data Medic Mobile helps collect; whether decisions are made using the data; an application to ensure vaccine fridges stay at the right temperature; stock control using Medic Mobile apps; and the important of committed staff in Ministries of Health. ... read more
August 5, 2013

Mobile analyst Tomi Ahonen on augmented reality as the 8th mass media

Mobile analyst Tomi Ahonen talks about: what augmented reality is; examples of how its used; the number of people currently using it and forward projections of users; and likely future uses of the technology. ... read more
February 15, 2013

Jonathan Donner and Marion Walton on Cape Town low income teens' use of PC and mobile Internet

Jonathan Donner, Microsoft Research, India and Marion Walton, University of Cape Town talk about: a piece of research on low income teens in South Africa's Cape Town; why this group has something relevant to say about how other developing countries might develop; how the teens combine the use of mobile Internet with telecentres, cyber cafes and libraries; the methodology of the research; and the findings of the research ... read more
November 4, 2012

Mark Shoebridge, biNu on its 0.5 million mobile phone book readers

Mark Shoebridge, biNu on: what this mobile social content platform does; its partnership with World Reader; the 0.5 million mobile book readers it's attracted; the range of books available; and its recent award at the Meffys. ... read more
September 18, 2012
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