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Fatima El-Issawi on how journalists in N Africa's media failed to change roles after the Arab Spring

Fatima El-Issawi, Author of Arab National Media and Political Change talks about: how the book came to be written; why she decided to focus on traditional media (radio, TV and press) rather than social media; how journalists switched from being lapdogs to attack dogs; the lack of a debate about journalistic roles and media reform; and impact on the process of the transition to democracy. ... read more
November 12, 2017

Lucy K, Mobile Reporting Project, NBC on using phones to record and upload stories to radio and TV

Lucy K, Mobile Reporting Project, NBC talks about: how the Government broadcaster in Namibia is using mobile for radio, TV and multimedia broadcasting; how content of this kind can be edited and shared on different channels, including social media; which social media platforms are most used in Namibia; and an example of how a story went viral on social media. ... read more
October 10, 2017

Kenneth Ashigbey on how Graphic's newspapers will become a multi-media platform

Kenneth Ashigbey, Managing Director, Graphic Communications talks about: the different titles that make up the Graphic brand; halting a ten year decline in circulation; the Android app for Graphic online; the number of monthly uniques and page views; online ad revenues; how news is changing; and the online newsroom of tomorrow. ... read more
July 21, 2016

Corbyn Munnik on start-up Sliide, an African mobile Flipboard with free data, launched in Nigeria

Corbyn Munnik, CEO and Founder of Sliide talks about: the launch of Sliide in Nigeria; how it delivers content to the mobile home screen; the type of content you can get; how it uses its ad revenues to buy data for its users; how it raised funds in the UK, Nigeria and Silicon Valley for its launch; the attitude of the mobile operators; and the type of local content it offers. ... read more
March 29, 2016

Future of the Newsroom: Penplusbytes' Kwami Ahiabenu on the impact of digital on the news

Penplusbytes' Kwami Ahiabenu talks about: what Penplusbytes does and the connection between accountability and journalism; its event looking at the future of the newsroom; why mobile companies are critical to the future of the news; the need for affordable and reliable bandwidth; social media activism; and the New Media Lab it runs. ... read more
March 8, 2016

Timothy Spira on eNCA's digital news transition and the growth in online audiences

Timothy Spira, Online General Manager, eNCA talks about: what was different 4 years ago when it made the digital transition; what the challenges are for print vs broadcast organisations; the growth in the use of video; what things will look like in 3-5 years time; and online vs TV. ... read more
January 30, 2016

Michael Peters on the launch of Africanews, a new channel from an African perspective

Michael Peters, CEO, Africanews talks about: the launch of this new African news channel; how it will be different from other news channels covering Africa; the kinds of things it will cover; its deal with Verone Mankou to provide an Africanews smartphone; and the business model for the channel. ... read more
November 27, 2015

William Bird on using Commotion Wi-Fi mesh software to provide free Internet South African cties

William Bird, Director, Media Monitoring Africa talks about: what the open source software for Wi-Fi mesh Commotion does; the challenges in South Africa it helps tackle; where it has rolled out Wi-Mesh networks in South Africa; how it has helped the youth journalism project it is running; and the reasons he chose Commotion. ... read more
July 20, 2015

The Scoop: Talk show host Salim Amin gets famous Africans to reveal themselves

Talk show host of The Scoop, Salim Amin on: the format of the show and the type of guests it has on; the revelations that guests have made; and how The Scoop can be seen across Africa and elsewhere in the world. ... read more
June 9, 2015

Dmitry Shishkin on a BBC hackathon in Africa to find new ways to consume and hear its news

Dmitry Shishkin, World Service Group Digital Development Editor, BBC talks about: why the BBC decided to run this initiative; the two places it ran hackathons and its partners; the issues it was asking hackers to tackle; the ideas developed so far and how it will support the winners. ... read more
May 11, 2015

Mohamed Omran, Mediasat on the launch of Libya's Arraed TV, a channel offering more neutral news

Mohamed Omran, International Relations Manager, Mediasat talks about: the launching of Arraed TV in Libya; the investors behind it; the kind of programmes it will offer; its own news sources for agencies out of Libya; and its distribution of Turkish TV programmes in North Africa and the Arab world. ... read more
March 29, 2015

Phiona Okumu, Afripop on SoulProviders and sticky content at Social Media Week Johannesburg

Phiona Okukmu, co-founder, Afripop talks about: how Afripop got started, what it covers; a recent big story; its audiences; her role as the Content Director of Social Media Week Johannesburg; the things she liked in last year's Social Media Week and the plans for 2015, ... read more
December 5, 2014

Fatima El Issawi on the shifting role of Egypt's Media and the lost opportunity for reform

Fatima El Issawi, author of the report Egyptian Media Under Transition: In the name of the regime... In the name of the people? talks about: how the role of media in Egypt has changed up to the present day; the role of talk shows; the media under the Muslim Brotherhood; and how the role of private media has changed. ... read more
June 30, 2014

Fatima el Issawi on the current state of public and private media in Libya and the challenges faced

Fatima el Issawi, author of Libya Media Transition - Heading Into the Unknown talks about: what happened to state journalists after the Revolution; the gap between online and traditional media; the attitude of the Government to press freedom and private ownership; the difficulties experienced by media in taking a critical stance; the business models of the new private media; and changes needed in the future. ... read more
August 28, 2013

Yuen Ying Chan on the impact of China's Internet on Government and the media's coverage of them

Mapping Digital Media Advocacy Summit in Istanbul: Professor Yuen Ying Chan, Professor, Journalism and Media Studies Centre, University of Hong Kong on: the spread of the Internet and what devices it is used on; how the Internet has changed what stories the media can take-up; examples of stories surfaced by the Internet; the different impact of the Internet in Hong Kong ... read more
July 15, 2012
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