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Kenyan chef Kiran Jethwa talks about his new TV programme Tales from the Bush Larder

Kenyan chef Kiran Jethwa runs Seven Seafood and Grill in Nairobi and is Executive Producer of Tales from the Bush Larder, which has been co-produced with Zuku (the pay TV brand of Wananchi). Zuku has signed an international licensing deal with Fox International Channels for the global distribution of this new series, a Kenyan cooking and travel show that will be released on the lifestyle channel 24Kitchen, distributed at international level by FIC. In this clip, Kiran Jethwa talks about: the ingredients covered by the programme; talking to the those who fish for Omena ( a small fish like Whitebait) in Western Kenya; the nature of African cuisines; the high level of interest in food and cooking amongst the Kenyan middle class; and the new steak restaurant he is opening. ... read more
January 21, 2013
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