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Jaye Connolly-Labelle, RippleNami on using Blockchain and RFID to track Kenyan cows

Jaye Connally-Labelle, Chair and CEO RippleNami talks about: what RippleNami does; the data visualization work it has done in Sierra Leone; using blockchain and RFID tags to track Kenyan cows; the investors in the company; and what the company brings together. ... read more
February 17, 2018

Carol Kioko on how Kenya-South African film co-productions work with some examples

Kenyan film-maker, producer and director Carol Kioko talks about: the slate of 5 films being co-produced between South Africa and Kenya; the stories in two of them, one about a losing South African football team and the other about a single mother; her own projects, a short and a feature film; and issues around women's identity in the media. ... read more
February 17, 2018

George Ahere on Weza Interactive's new game Mzito where players purge ancient corruption of Africa

George Ahere, Weza Interactive Entertainment talks about: exploring what an African game is; how the game plays and the different locations you play in; the monetization strategy for the game; its mobile strategy with Orange; the number of downloads; and where he would like Weza Interactive to be in 2-3 years time. ... read more
February 17, 2018

Beth Achitsa: How Ongea promotes East African musicians to festival bookers

Beth Achitsa, Ongea talks about: what music industry event Ongea is and what it does; her role as a tour booker and the acts she's been booking this year (2017); the relationship between pop music and the roots of African music; the rise of Nairobi Underground and promoting women DJs. ... read more
January 20, 2018

Paul Mugambi on edtech start-up Kytabu's change in direction to help it scale better

Paul Mugambi, , CEO, Kytabu talks about: what Kytabu does; how students access it and how they pay for it; its use of video; changing the focus to address teachers and parents; the investment in it so far and the prizes it has won. ... read more
August 25, 2017

Christopher Baker-Brian, BBOX on how start-up BBOXX is providing off-grid solutions to Africa

Christopher Baker-Brian, CTO, BBOXX talks about: the idea for the company; how its off-grid service is supplied; the number of people using the service; controlling its off-grid boxes using mobile connections and its future expansion plans. ... read more
July 6, 2017

Thomas Imboywa, NAICCON on Kenya's comic culture and its Nairobi Comic Convention

Thomas Imboywa, Naiccon talks about: what Nairobi Comic Convention is and how many visitors it attracts; the kind of comics being produced locally; and an app to help comic makers distribute their work. ... read more
April 26, 2017

Tosh Juma, Nairobi Design Institute on the setting up of a human-centred design course for companies

Tosh Juma, Nairobi Design Institute talks about: what Nairobi Design Institute wants to do; how it is prototyping its first course course; the project-based way it will teach; its fundraising; and its longer-term ambitions. ... read more
March 27, 2017

James Kabiru, Olive Tree Media on how SMS is a key medium for health and agricultural services

James Kabiru, Olive Tree Media talks about: the health and agricultural services it has carried out using SMS and the number of users; and the continuing role of SMS and why it works so well. ... read more
March 27, 2017

Start-up founder Jessica Colaco, Brave Ventures on Big Data in Africa and need for data scientists

Jessica Colaco, Co-Founder, Brave Venture Labs talks about: the state of Big Data in Africa; the number of data scientist-related jobs advertised in Africa; how Brave Venture Academy will address the shortage of data scientists in Africa; its expansion plans; and its capital fundraising. ... read more
February 28, 2017

Start-up founder Mary Mwangi on creating an automated system for collecting cash from Kenyas matatus

Mary Mwangi, CEO, Data Integrated talks about: the Kenyan Government's cashless initiative for Saccos running matatus (buses); the problems with the approach; how she became involved; the system she has developed for collecting cash; the impact on cash collection; and whether there will ever be cashless systems on the buses. ... read more
January 23, 2017

Stanley Gazemba on a dark collection of short stories, Nairobi Echoes and Kenyans' view of eBooks

Author Stanley Gazemba talks about: his latest collection of short stories Nairobi Echoes published by Bahati Books; his first novel that will be published in the USA; his and Kenyans' view of eBooks; and the limitations of the Kenyan publishing market. ... read more
January 7, 2017

Nate Anderson on Uber's successful roll-out in East Africa and UberEats in Johannesburg

Nate Anderson, General Manager - East Africa, Uber talks about: the growth it has been experiencing in East Africa; how Kenya was one of its first trial markets for cash; the number of driver partners and riders it had in May 2016; the competition it's been experiencing; its work ethos and number of staff; and UberEats in Johannesburg and a possible roll-out in Kenya. ... read more
October 23, 2016

Energy analyst Tom Makau on forthcoming improvements to the supply of energy in Kenya

Energy analyst Tom Makau talks about: ambitious Government plans to increase energy supply in Kenya; the impact of the recent geothermal power plant coming online; increases on the demand side; government incentive schemes to connect households; and investments in the distribution network. ... read more
January 30, 2016

Lucy Chodota on her TV series Rush about four empowered African women

Lucy Chodota talks about: why she created the series; the story in the series; the different characters; its appearance in new countries across West Africa; and her forthcoming TV series ideas. ... read more
November 27, 2015

Trevor Kimenye on the Kenyan social media start-up Ongair that lets business reach customers

revor Kimenye, Co-Founder, Ongair talks about: how Ongair works; how Chase Bank and Nivea used it in different campaigns; the number of What's App users in Kenya; the business model an its number of customers; and its expansion plans. ... read more
November 10, 2015

Kenyan TV writer on How To Find a Husband Ndinda Kioko talks about writing her first novel

Kenyan writer Ndinda Kioko talks about: why she first started writing; her short-lived career as a teacher; writing for TV series How To Find a Husband and Wrath; writing short stories online; and writing her first novel. ... read more
August 25, 2015

Ivan Isa, Green Pencils on a start-up manufacturing pencils from recycled paper

Co-founder Ivan Isa, Green Pencils talks about: his first failed start-up; how the manufacturing process works; its B2B markets who buy pencils for branding; its future ambitions; and its recently joining the VC4Africa acceleration programme. ... read more
July 6, 2015

Diana Opoti on the fashion business in Kenya and malls vs online for consumers

Diane Opoti, Artemis Media on: the different roles she plays in the fashion industry; the fashion market in Kenya; the different types of designers and the price points of the clothes they produce; how consumers think about African textiles; the challenges of retail for fashion designers; and the pros and cons of selling online. ... read more
June 9, 2015

Kenyan director Judy Kibinge on Something Necessary & the impact of the 2007 post election violence

Kenyan dorector Judy Kibinge talks about: the key characters in the film and how they represent a victim and a perpetrator; the impact of the violence on perpetrators; the role of One Fine Day as a production platform; and how audiences reacted to the film. ... read more
May 20, 2015

Product designer Ayo Adigun on teaching Kenyan students STEM skills to solve community problems

Ayo Adigun, co-founder, DAA Technology on: the product design work his company does; the STEM Bootcamp it will run in Nairobi in August 2015 for 16-18 year old students; the technologies that will be taught at the Bootcamp; and follow-up work after the Bootcamp. ... read more
May 18, 2015

Dmitry Shishkin on a BBC hackathon in Africa to find new ways to consume and hear its news

Dmitry Shishkin, World Service Group Digital Development Editor, BBC talks about: why the BBC decided to run this initiative; the two places it ran hackathons and its partners; the issues it was asking hackers to tackle; the ideas developed so far and how it will support the winners. ... read more
May 11, 2015

Martin Nielsen on Mdundo, a mobile music platform for Kenya and East Africa

Martin Nielsen, Mdundo talks about: why it launched Mdundo; the number of users on the platform; the types of music it features; the payment strategy it will use; and the music magazine it offers. ... read more
March 29, 2015

Pim de Wit on investing in African online companies without a financial track record

Pim de Wit, Partner, African Media Venture Fund talks about: what the Fund has invested in and why; the size of its investments; lessons from the first round of investments; and what he looks for in companies he invests in. ... read more
October 18, 2014

Kenyan film-maker Ng'endo Mukii on Yellow Fever, about African women using skin bleaches

The clip opens with an excerpt from the trailer of Yellow Fever, a film by Kenyan film-maker Ng'endo Mukii. She then talks about: what she has been doing as an animator; how the Eurocentric idea of beauty has led to skin bleaches and hair straighteners; the Colour Advantage of those with paler skin; her own childhood experiences as someone with paler skin; and the harmful nature of the chemicals used, ... read more
October 18, 2014

Michael Wanguhu on a TV series that follows Kenya's marathon runners in the USA

Michael Wanguhu, Black Medley Entertainment on: its programme about Kenyan marathon runners called Marathon Fuse; how it shoots everything from an African perspective; and selling the programme at broadcasters' trade show DISCOP. ... read more
October 11, 2014

Kenya's Computer Gamers on the high price of games in Africa and piracy

The computer gamers in Kenya talk to us (in order of appearance): James Karanu; Oliver Holding Fay; and Gatehi Mwaniki. The interviews cover: the setting up of Kenya Revolution Gaming Network (KREGAN); what the games most played in Kenya are; what the gamers dream of happening; the high price of computer games and piracy; who's writing games ion Kenya; and the wider gaming sub-culture. ... read more
August 4, 2014

The late Carey Eaton, One Africa Media on how it became one of Africa's largest online players

The late Carey Eaton, Co-Founder One Africa Media talks about: the online brands it has set up or bought; where it is the dominant player; its business model; its competitors; where it plans to expand and its investment from Tiger Global. ... read more
June 11, 2014

Marie Lora Mungai, Buni TV on how to make a success of African online content

This interview is extracts from a panel session in which Marie Lora Mungai, CEO, Buni TV reflects on the lessons of running an African online content platform. The interview covers: the number of views the XYZ show gets on the platform; its comedy season; the online release of Cameroonian film The President; and a little known film-maker made it big online on the Buni TV platform. ... read more
April 6, 2014

Gaurav Singh, Chief Digital Officer, Scan Group on when brands will spend more on digital in Africa

Gaurav Singh, Chief Digital Officer, Scan Group talks about how an increasing number of Africa's citizens have access to digital devices (he cites 44% in Kenya) and that soon advertising spending will come to reflect this with a transition to digital online and social media. The interview covers: the range of spending amongst existing brands; his desire to see the digital agency take over the traditional role of the advertising agency; and his timescale for when the transition will take place. ... read more
January 23, 2014
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