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Oludotun Babayemi - How Follow The Money uses traditional and online to get Govt to keep promises

Oludotun Babayemi, Co-Creator, Follow The Money talks about: why it was set up and how it works; and gives two examples of working with communities in Northern Nigeria that produced results. ... read more
August 9, 2016

Jessica Musila on a Kenyan online platform for holding MPs to account

Jessica Musila, talks about: the work of mySociety in Africa; the Kenyan parliamentary monitoring platform Mzalendo; what they discovered putting the site together; the reasons behind the high salaries for MPs; the culture of the well-off looking after the less well-off; and the roll-out of similar platforms in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. ... read more
December 15, 2013

Jerome Booth: Why development aid should incentivise good governance

Jerome Booth, Research Manager, Ashmore on why some developing countries are developing faster than others; why Africa may undergo what happened in Latin America 20 years ago; why development aid should incentivise good governance; and the importance of property rights ... read more
September 8, 2012
Africori Balancing Act Africa


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