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Abdulai Awudu, Multi TV on its TV comedy show Kejetia vs Makola

Abdulai Awudu, General Manager, Multi TV talks about: how the idea transferred from one of its radio stations; how it has built local comedy talent; what the show's set-up is; its audience ratings; and its impact on social media. ... read more
June 20, 2018

Josiah Eyison on how iSpace supports Ghanaian start-ups and its Women & Tech Programme

osiah Eyison, Co-Founder and CEO, iSpace talks about: what iSpace does; examples of start-ups it has supported; whether there are investors in Accra; and its Women and Technology programme. ... read more
April 10, 2018

Raymond Honu, Soronko Academy on storytelling, 360 deg cameras and the education of a rural girl

Raymond Honu, Soronko Academy talks about: teaching young people tech skills; the experience of a rural young girl called Patience in one of its workshops; a diversion about Yaa Asantewaa; and how 360 degree cameras can be used for education. ... read more
March 13, 2018

Ghana's Nicole Amarteifio on completing Season 3 of An African City and selling to a US network

Creator of An African City Nicole Amarteifio talks about: how she financed Season 2 of An African City; closing a US TV deal for Season 3; her new Rom-Com film which she is just completing; and a pilot for a new TV series called The republic. ... read more
November 12, 2017

Abdulai Awudu on Ghana's No 1 broadcaster's VoD partnership with local start-up 2C TV

Abdulai Awudu, Programmes Director, Multimedia Group talks about: why as a broadcaster it went into Video on Demand and streaming; the importance of getting revenue from it; its partnership with 2C TV; the reach of the platform it runs; and the type of content that is successful. ... read more
September 8, 2017

Ghana: Emmanuel Noah on start-up BenBen's roll-out of its Blockchain land registry

Co-founder Emmanuel Noah, BenBen talks about: how BenBen came to be launched; how it works; the initial pilot; investment in the company; and its roll-out plans. ... read more
March 12, 2017

Kofi Dadzie, Rancard Solutions on how its Social Graph Rendezvous provides engagement marketing

Kofi Dadzie, Rancard Solutions on how its Social Graph Rendezvous provides engagement marketing ... read more
September 20, 2016

Kenneth Ashigbey on how Graphic's newspapers will become a multi-media platform

Kenneth Ashigbey, Managing Director, Graphic Communications talks about: the different titles that make up the Graphic brand; halting a ten year decline in circulation; the Android app for Graphic online; the number of monthly uniques and page views; online ad revenues; how news is changing; and the online newsroom of tomorrow. ... read more
July 21, 2016

Future of the Newsroom: Penplusbytes' Kwami Ahiabenu on the impact of digital on the news

Penplusbytes' Kwami Ahiabenu talks about: what Penplusbytes does and the connection between accountability and journalism; its event looking at the future of the newsroom; why mobile companies are critical to the future of the news; the need for affordable and reliable bandwidth; social media activism; and the New Media Lab it runs. ... read more
March 8, 2016

Shirley Frimpong Manso on her new feature film Rebecca and her latest TV series Shampaign

Shirley Frimpong Manso talks about: her feature film Rebecca and the story in it; her latest TV series Shampaign and how it looks at the fictional campaign of a young women presidential candidate in Ghana; and the likelihood of a woman becoming President in Ghana. ... read more
January 9, 2016

Dominic Vergine, ARM on Literacy Bridge's talking book with advice for farmers in Northern Ghana

Dominic Vergine, Head of Sustainability and CR, ARM on: what ARM does; why it is involved in development areas like education and health; how Literacy Bridge's talking book works; and the roll-out of the project to expectant mothers and farmers in Northern Ghana. ... read more
May 3, 2015

Stephen Lee, Tigo Music on organising the biggest music concerts ever in Ghana and Tanzania

Stephen Lee, Tigo Music talks about: the success of its Latin American mobile music operations; the differences in mobile music terms between Africa and Latin America; the increasing use of smartphones; the countries Tigo Music has been rolled out in and its future plans; its mega-concerts in Ghana and Tanzania ("a bit like the Woodstock of Tanzania"); and its different competitors. ... read more
April 20, 2015

Nicole Amarteifio on what's culturally inappropriate or not in You Tube series An African City

Nicole Amarteifio, creator of online TV show An African City based on Sex and the City, on: why she wanted to make the series; how she went about doing it; what it's like returning to Ghana having spent most of your life out of the country; the main characters in the series; how many views the series has got overall and per episode; and the sale of the series to TV broadcasters. ... read more
November 23, 2014

Juliet Asante on Mobilefliks rolling out across Africa and her new film Silver Rain

Juliet Asante, CEO, Eagle Productions talks about: signing deals with various mobile operators to roll-out its online film and TV platform, Mobilefliks across Africa; her next feature film Silver Rain; casting actors from several African films; its release date and distribution plans. ... read more
November 16, 2014

Balasundaram Lavan on recycling pacemakers for those who can't afford them in developing countries

Founder of pace4life Balasundaram Lavan talks about: how he came to set up the company; the processes involved in recycling pacemakers; the partners pace4life operates with; and the business model of the company. ... read more
July 14, 2013

Shirley Frimpong Manso and Ken Attoh talk about season 2 of Ghana series Adams' Apples

Shirley Frimpong-Manso and Ken Attoh, Sparrow Productions, the brains behind Adams' Apples talk about its second season. The interview covers: Jennifer Adams' reluctance to take an HIV/AIDS test; what will happen in series 2; Mrs Adams' (the matriarch) challenges in sharing being head of the family with her new partner; taking Adams' Apples on to television; and selling the series on DVD. ... read more
November 30, 2012

Sarah Murray, Making an Exit on how people bury their dead globally

Sarah Murray, Making an Exit on: how she became interested in funeral rituals; buying her own coffin in Ghana; how people in Hong Kong burn paper replicas of flat screen TVs and iPhones for the dead; and the Anglican community in the Philippines that hangs its coffins up from cliffs and in caves ... read more
October 5, 2012

Patrick Awuah, Ashesi University on a new kind of African leadership

Patrick Awuah, Founder and President of Ashesi University, Ghana on: why he set the University up and the leadership issue it was meant to tackle; the ethics and values that inform its curriculum; leadership at all levels; and what the next generation of Africa's political leaders will need to do. ... read more
July 25, 2012

Steven Markovitz on a new African cinema - neither homework, nor medicine but entertainment

Steven Markovitz, Big World Cinema on: the box office success of Viva Riva and building African audiences; a new type of African cinema that's not homework or medicine; the latest sci-fi project of Wanuri Kahui; and his documentary Rollaball about skate soccer in Ghana ... read more
June 16, 2012
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