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Dawit Abraham, Qene Technologies on its 3D mobile game Kukula, an African game to conquer the world

Dawit Abraham, CEO and Co-Founder, Qene Technologies talks about: Eithiopia's first mobile 3D game; the number of downloads and where they've come from; how many downloaders paid for the premium version of the game; and its ambitions to do more games. ... read more
October 25, 2018

Bilen Shifferaw, Gebeya on winning outsourced developer work on a game, mobile app & crypto currency

Bilen Shifferaw, Business Development Associate, Gebeya talks about: how Gebeya works; the skills it has access to; the recent contracts it has won; the challenges it has to overcome; and how it mitigates risk. ... read more
June 20, 2018

Paulina Tervo on the Ethiopian village where men & women live as equals

Documentary maker Paulina Tervo on: the story of Ethiopian Ato Zumra who founded a village (Awra Amba) where men and women live as equals; his struggles to estblish the village; how the village functions and earnes enough to build a school and other facilities; and the web documentary she is making to generate debate around this amazing story ... read more
September 8, 2012
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