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Parminder Vir, Tony Elumelu Foundation on a programme to create 10,000 African entrepreneurs

Parminder Vir, CEO, Tony Elumelu Foundation talks about: the application process and what successful applicants get; the numbers applying and the numbers selected; the total commitment of the Foundation over a ten year period; the different types of start-ups that applied last year; and her own advice to start-ups applying this year (2016). ... read more
January 9, 2016

Bunmi Okunowo, NITDA on how the Nigerian Government supports entrepreneurship

Bunmi Okunowo National Co-ordinator, Office for ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship, NITDA talks about: why the Government decided to support entrepreneurship in the ICT sector; the money put into a "fund of funds" run by the private sector; the IDEA incubator in Lagos; working with Computer Village in Abuja and Lagos; the Abuja Technology Village; and national talent accelerators and e-lancing. ... read more
September 17, 2015

African Entrepreneurship - Why Culture Matters with Rebecca Enonchong and Michael Ike

Two interviews about African Entrepreneurship - Why Culture Matters. Rebecca Enonchong is the Chair of ActivSpaces, Cameroon and talks about: the differences between the anglophone and francophone start-up worlds; why Cameroon as a country with both languages is interesting; how the start-up movement started in anglophone Buea and the University it started in; the role of education; and how things are changing. Michael Ike is the Lead, Innovation Platforms and Partnerships, Abuja Technology Village and he talks about: traditional Nigerian family based culture vs rules-based cultures from elsewhere; and fitting the two together through mentorships. ... read more
August 11, 2015

Andreas Stefanidis on entrepreneurship in Greece and the new wave of start-ups

Andreas Stefanidis, President, Federation of Hellenic Association of Young Entrepreneurs and the Academy of Entrepreneurship on: why it's so difficult to start a business; the problems of getting finance; three examples of the new wave of start-ups (Fereixos Helix, Taxi Beat and Cookisto); incubation with universities; and the priority to create start-ups that generate export revenues. ... read more
April 8, 2013

Kevin Osborne, CEO, MeWe360 on why he set up this creative industries incubator

Kevin Osborne, CEO, MeWe360 talks about: music industry training programme he ran that gave him the idea for MeWe360; the individual successes from that programme including Plan B and N'Dubz Fazer; the opportunity the 2010 recession offered; its role as a development house and its membership; what it offers; its focus on Black and Asian communities; its public and private arms; and investment it can offer through its private arm. ... read more
March 19, 2013

Kevin Osborne, MeWe360 on two examples of the kind of things it backs: kid's boots & a musician

Kevin Osborne, CEO, MeWe360 talks about two example of interesting projects this incubator is developing: a kids shoe company run by two mothers and a street musician he first heard when he went out for a coffee near his office. ... read more
March 19, 2013
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