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Judy Kibinge, Docubox on three documentaries it funded that are just nearing completion

Judy Kibinge, Docubox talks about: being the region's first documentary film fund; opening a mini-hub for film-makers; and three interesting documentaries Docubox funded. ... read more
March 27, 2017

Eric Kabera on his new documentary Intore about Rwanda 20 years after the Genocide

Rwandan film-maker Eric Kabera talks about: how he started making films; making some of the first documentaries and feature films about the Genocide; his last film Africa United; his latest documentary Intore about Rwanda 20 years after the Genocide; and when Rwandans will start making films about other subjects than the Genocide. ... read more
July 6, 2015

Rehad Desai on his new documentary Miners Shot Down and the murky truth behind Marikana

Rehad Desai talks about his documentary about the mining strike at Marikana called Miners Shot Down. The interview covers: the origins of the project; how political attitudes to the strike hardened; the evidence of collusion between the mining company and the police; the possibility that a mining company employee might have been responsible for one of the deaths; and the distribution plans for the film. ... read more
January 28, 2014

Mark Kaplan on his doc about a forest funded by SA Jews that covers a Palestinian village

Mark Kaplan talks about his documentary The Village Under The Forest about a former Palestinian village covered by a forest paid for by South African Jews. The interview covers: how the former Palestinian village became part of a forest created by the Jewish National Fund; how a group of South Africans found out what the money raised from South African Jews was being used for, which led to the documentary being made; the history of the village; talking to both sides about the history of the village; where the movie will be shown; the idea of Memoricide; and the work of Zochrot. ... read more
January 6, 2014

Arya Lalloo on the documentary Jeppe On A Friday - Day in the life of a South African neighbourhood

Co-director Arya Lalloo (with Shannon Walsh) of documentary Jeppe On A Friday talks about: what the Jeppe neigbourhood is like; why two women film-makers chose to focus on the lives of five men over a day; the reasons why she's interested in neighborhoods like Jeppe and Alexandria; and the process of making the film. ... read more
October 25, 2013

Documentary maker Ingrid Martens on her film Africa Shafted Under One Roof

South African documentary maker Ingrid Martens talks about her latest doc - Africa Shafted Under One Roof - which looks at the people who live in Johannesburg's Ponte Building. It is a 54 floor building that contains inhabitants from almost every country in Africa and they talk to Martens through a series of conversations in the lifts, shot over two years. ... read more
November 24, 2012

South Africa documentary maker Mayenzeke Baza on his new film about a man who lost his penis

South African documentary film-maker Mayenzeke Baza talks about his new film I am a Man: how he raised money to fund the film; an unsuccessful crowd-sourcing campaign on Indiegogo; eventual success with Al Jazeera and SABC; the male circumcision rituals of the Xhosa tribe; the dangers to young men, some of whom have died or become infected; the case of the man who lost his penis and his feelings about what has happened. ... read more
November 4, 2012

Teboho Edkins on his documentaries Thato and Gangster Project

At the African Film Festival, Cordoba (FCAT): Teboho Edkins on: Thato, a documentary about an HIV Positive mother giving birth in South Africa and his documentary about gangsters in Cape Town, in which he took part himself ... read more
October 24, 2012
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