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Christian Katsuva on a Twitter campaign #GomaNeedsWater & social media use in Goma

Christian Katsuva, Co-Founder of the Community and Multimedia Centre based in Kivu in the eastern part of the DRC. He talks about: what his organisation does; the improving state of Internet access in Goma; the #GomaNeedsWater campaign on Twitter; covering the war by phone; and smartphone use in Goma. ... read more
August 4, 2014

Congolese director Djo Munga on his next film project Inspector Lu

Congolese director Djo Munga on: how he became a film-maker; the making of his award-winning thriller Viva Riva!; how he works with Congolese actors; amd his next film project Inspector Lu. ... read more
July 1, 2012
Africori Balancing Act Africa


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