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Izu Osuigwe, CEO, Forest TV on its African channels VoD platform and its new satellite offering

Izu Osuigwe, CEO, Forest TV talks about: the countries where its VoD service is available; the kinds of African TV channels it offers; and its new satellite offering. ... read more
September 27, 2018

Abdulai Awudu, Multi TV on its TV comedy show Kejetia vs Makola

Abdulai Awudu, General Manager, Multi TV talks about: how the idea transferred from one of its radio stations; how it has built local comedy talent; what the show's set-up is; its audience ratings; and its impact on social media. ... read more
June 20, 2018

Brian O.Wilson, Zero Gravity Studios on its live action comedy series Relationships

Brian O.Wilson, Zero Gravity Studios talks about: creating a live action comedy series for the DISCOP Mahala TV pitch session in 2017; the story in the Relationships series; and how the Mahala TV pitch went. ... read more
February 17, 2018

Angela Aquereburu, YoBo Studios on her dramedy Hospitalite about a doctor and a traditional healer

Angela Aquerebu, Yobo Studios talks about her comedy drama Hospitalite; the story about the tension between the doctor and the traditional healer in the series; where the series can be seen; and its forthcoming project with a French broadcaster. ... read more
December 16, 2017

Comrade Fatso on Zambesi News, a comic parody of Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation news

Comrade Fatso (AKA Samm Farai Monro) talks about: what Zambesi News is; how the idea came about by accident; its audience reach; and the wider activities of the organisation including a music festival and citizen journalism. ... read more
October 3, 2017

Keni Ogunlola on his TV comedy series Lodgers, writing an AY film and working with Mo Abudu

British-Nigerian film-maker Keni Ogunlola talks about: how his pilot for the TV series Lodgers won prizes as a short film; the storyline in the Lodgers series, writing a film for Nigerian comedian AY and working on a film with Mo Abudu. ... read more
August 25, 2017

Takunda Bimha on the Johannesburg International Comedy Festival and his plans for it in 2016

Takunda Bimha, Festival Director, Johannesburg International Comedy Festival talks about: how the idea for a Festival came about; his international partner for the Festival; the strands of the festival and the different kinds of comedy in each of them; why it used venues in downtown areas like Braamfontein and New Town; and his plans for the Festival in 2016. ... read more
February 14, 2016

African comedian Mamane on his political satire, the Very, Very Democratic Republic of Gondwana

African comedian Mamane talks about: how he became a comedian; touring in France and Africa; playing a stadium in the DRC; his radio and TV shows; the forthcoming film; and how he wants to do English jokes. ... read more
June 22, 2015

Stanlee Ohikhuare on his new Nigerian comedy film Stupid Movie

Nigerian film-maker Stanlee Ohikhuare talks about: the recent success of Nigerian comedy with the release of 30 Days in Atlanta last year; the story in the his comedy film Stupid Movie; his previous film The Verdict; and his next planned film Babel Lingua. ... read more
June 22, 2015

Nigerian You Tube phenomenon T Boy on how he manages to get 2 m views - Simple but hard to do

Nigerian-British comedianT Boy has had huge success on You Tube. In this short clip, he gives the secret of his success - something that is incredible simple to say but very hard to practice. ... read more
March 7, 2015

Nigerian You Tube phenomenon T-Boy on his next TV comedy series and his ambition to act

Tolulope Ogunmefun AKA comedian T-Boy talks about: how he started doing his You Tube comedy channel using comic rants, the first of which was about Ghanaians; the kind of skits he does; the number of people who've viewed individual skits and the number of subscribers; how he got a part in Meet The Adebanjos; the creation of his own show T-Boy; his attitude to stand-up comedy; and his ambition to act in Hollywood. ... read more
January 31, 2015

Debra Odutuyo on her latest TV comedy show T Boy and changes in season 2 of Meet The Adebanjos

Debra Odutuyo, MTA Productions talks about her new TV comedy show T Boy which takes the You Tube comedy star from Meet The Adebanjos and makes him the focus of a new programme. The interview covers: who T Boy is; how the TV show came to be made; the story set-up of the show; an update of the second season of Meet The Adebanjos; the success of Meet The Adebanjos on SABC in South Africa; and the distribution plans for T Boy, which will launch on the Evening Standard's new TV channel London Live. ... read more
February 14, 2014

Victoria Thomas on her Lagos comedy pitch and a film about a Zambian women boxer

At the African Film Festival, Cordoba (FCAT): Victoria Thomas talks about: Two Weeks in Lagos, a Comedy of Errors he's pitching; Women on Hold, a film about a Zambian women Boxer she's co-producing; and a new software app to highlight African film. See ... read more
October 24, 2012
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