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Gene Poteat on the Gulf of Tonkin incident: a non-existent attack that escalated a war

Gene Poteat, former Senior Scientific Adviser, CIA talks about: what the Gulf of Tonkin incident was; how the CIA was asked to investigate it and why; the conclusions the CIA drew on whether there was a torpedo boat attack; and his conversations with the crew about what happened years later. ... read more
August 17, 2013

Paul Lashmar on an early spy flight the Soviets almost shot down

Paul Lashmar, Producer of BBC Timewatch programme Spies in the Sky on: the spy flight that a Soviet Mig managed to shoot; how the CIA came to run its own spy flight programme; the British U2 pilots; the current generation of spy aircraft; and Curtis Le May's belief in a preventative war. ... read more
October 24, 2012

Dave Dunton, CIA - finding out what motivates Africans to buy brands

Dave Dunton, brand research agency, CIA on: how their qualitative research methodology is very different; getting out to where people use the product; a different way of talking with people; and answering the why question. ... read more
September 11, 2012

Darryl Wratten, CIA on what international brands get wrong in Africa

Darryl Wratten, CIA on:the decade old example of the differences between shaving with Black skin; categorising hair care products for Black hair; why brands are slow to change; the closed world of marketing; and the long process of creating a shopping mall culture in Africa. ... read more
September 11, 2012

Craig Irving, CIA on why certain brands deliver in Africa and which South African brands export well

Craig Irving, brand research agency CIA on: how successful brands in South Africa came out of hardship; the success of Koo Baked Beans and Sunlight Soap in the townships; the new aspirational brands; successful South African brands that work throughout the continent; the lasting success of Sunlight Soap; and women buying ingredients to make up soap and washing up liquid. ... read more
September 11, 2012
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