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Willie Currie: His comic novel Blue Eland Foxtrot on apartheid & eerie present day parallels

Author Willie Currie talks about: his novel Blue Eland Foxtrot; the story in the novel and its autobiographical aspects; the impact of the UDF; whether Afrikaans nationalism was a cousin of Nazism; and the eerie parallels between apartheid and the present day Government. ... read more
August 11, 2017

David Forbes on his documentary The Cradock Four about activists assassinated by the Apartheid Govt

Film-maker David Forbes talks about: who the Cradock Four were and what they did; the murky circumstances of their assassination in 1985; the unsatisfactory testimony by the police who carried out the killing to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission; and how the ANC Government sought to surpress any attempt to get at the truth of what really happened. ... read more
September 28, 2013

Debate: Charley Lewis on taking up arms against a Government

Former SACP activist Charley Lewis reflects on why it was right politically and morally to take up arms against the unjust Government of the Apartheid era and of the dilemmas involved in an armed conflict of this kind. ... read more
June 24, 2012

Charley Lewis on training for life underground in Apartheid South Africa

Former SACP activist Charley Lewis talks about: how he became involved in politics in the Apartheid era in South Africa and training in Moscow for a life underground. ... read more
June 23, 2011
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