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Mbuotidem Johnson, Animation Nigeria on the type of animation work being made in Nigeria

Mbuotidem Johnson, Chief Co-ordinator, Animation Nigeria talks about: what Animation Nigeria is; what kind of animation work studios in Nigeria do; and his own company Basement Animation. ... read more
April 10, 2018

Abel Kouame, Afrika Toon on its forthcoming animation feature Poku - Asante Princess

Abel Kouame, Afrika Toon talks about: on the story in Poku - Ashante Princess; its future plans; how it has cross-subsidised its TV and films work from commercial advertising work. ... read more
June 22, 2015

Adamu Waziri on Bino and Fino, an educational childrens' animation series with its own dolls

Adamu Waziri, founder and head of EVCL, an animation studio based in Abuja talks about: what the Bino and Fino Show is and the age group it is aimed at; how the programmes are being produced; the business model for the series; and its plans to crowd fund for dolls and other merchandise alongside the series. ... read more
May 18, 2015

Stuart Forrest, Triggerfish Studios on the release of animation feature Khumba and its new slate

Stuart Forrest , Triggerfish Studios talks about: the release of its latest animation feature Khumba; the box office returns from its first animation feature Adventures In Zambezia; and the financing for a slate of 5 animation features. ... read more
December 10, 2013

Maria Jose Vadillo, FAPAE on what Spaniards watch on TV and the making of Spanish telenovelas

Maria Jose Vadillo, International Relations Director, FAPAE talks about: the popular and critical TV programme successes on Spanish TV; the sale of animation series overseas; and how its broadcasters made Spanish telenovelas to compete with their Latin American counterparts. ... read more
April 26, 2013

Stuart Forrest, Triggerfish Studios on South Africa's animation feature Adventures in Zambezia

Smart Monkey talks to Stuart Forrest, owner, Triggerfish Studios on: how a South African company came to make an animation feature; the distribution and release of Adventures in Zambezia; its next animation feature Khumba; and the South African animation industry. ... read more
September 8, 2012
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