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"Your Cup of Tea is loosely based on the arrest and interrogation of the former Nigerian President Obasanjo when it was alleged he was going to overthrow Abacha"

Daniel Effiong on his 3 part film series of great Nigerian historic mysteries

Afrinolly short film competition winner Daniel Effiong talks about the 3 part short film series (The Crimson series) about mysterious incidents in Nigerian history which he recreates in fictional form. The interview covers: Your Cup of Tea about the arrest and interrogation of Olusegun Obasanjo for plotting to overthrow the Abacha regime; the interrogation of a writer and publisher during the years of military rule, who was subsequently killed by a bomb; and the arrest and interrogation of Amazing Grace, an alleged drug courier, who was supposedly working for a very powerful Nigerian, and who disappeared while in detention. He also talks about his next film which will be about Kuramo Beach, which has been cleared to build a hotel and casino, and will tell the lives of those who used to live on the beach.

March 14, 2014 by Editor
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