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"On licensing Desperate Housewives Format - Do you think as Africans we don't have the same persons? Aspirations? and Obsessions? The same shopping habits? "

Mo Abudu on how she started Ebony Life TV and licensing Desperate Housewives from Walt Disney

Interviewed by Michelle Garforth-Venter at DISCOP 2013, Mo Abudu, CEO, Ebony Life TV talks about the long road to launching her channel and licensing the Desperate Housewives format from Walt Disney. The interview covers: her early career and what it taught her about doing things with others; the original show with MNet; the balance of local and international content on the channel; the number of people working on the channel; her views on production budgets; and the licensing of Desperate Housewives.

January 14, 2014 by Editor
Tags: Nigeria TV
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