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"How does a young Nigerian who's used to money being the answer to everything adapt when people are not so easily bought?"

Debra Odutuyo on her latest TV comedy show T Boy and changes in season 2 of Meet The Adebanjos

Debra Odutuyo, MTA Productions talks about her new TV comedy show T Boy which takes the You Tube comedy star from Meet The Adebanjos and makes him the focus of a new programme. The interview covers: who T Boy is; how the TV show came to be made; the story set-up of the show; an update of the second season of Meet The Adebanjos; the success of Meet The Adebanjos on SABC in South Africa; and the distribution plans for T Boy, which will launch on the Evening Standard’s new TV channel London Live.

February 14, 2014 by Editor
Tags: Nigeria TV Comedy
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