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""Ubutouch is a form of access ccontrol for the home, to open the possibility of goods and services in your home without you needing to be there.""

Itumuleng Mabote on how start-up Ubutouch creates trusted, smart access to the home

Itumuleng Mabote, Ubutouch talks about: what Ubutouch is working on; how trusted smart access might work; the pilot it is carrying out; and looking for funding.

October 25, 2018 by Editor
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""We believe that we need to get more markets for our start-ups. Country markets in the region are so small. We need to connect start-ups to other markets through our incubators.""

Django Bathily on Sira Labs, an incubator network to connect start-ups across Francophone Africa

Django Bathily, D-G, Sira Labs talks about: how the idea for Sira Labs came about; the type of start-ups it is incubating; its start-up space in Burkina Faso; and its expansion plans.

September 27, 2018 by Editor
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""There's no country (in Africa) they're not playing Nigerian music. They created the demand and that's what we're trying to do (for technology)."

Adewale Yusuf, CEO, on creating demand for tech use - 10,000 attend 2 of its events

Adewale Yusuf,  Founder and Publisher, talks about: how he started Techpoint; the monthly reach of the platform and its audiences; the two tech-promoting events it has run; and three exciting things happening in the start-up space in Nigeria.

August 16, 2018 by Editor
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""The Government were shocked when we started fitting out motorcycles. When we did that and showcased the technology on the bikes, how we trained drivers, etc, they were awestruck."

Karanvir Singh on how Yego Moto provides Rwanda’s moto taxi drivers and users a better service

Karanvir Singh, CEO, Yego Moto talks about: how the company got involved in Rwanda; how it created a pilot; the regulation of moto taxis; what drivers and users get out of it; and Yego Moto’s regional expansion plans.

July 25, 2018 by Editor
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"On scaling:Good example is a company called Paga in Nigeria. They realised for them to achieve scale they had spend less money advertising on TV but go to the community with agents."

Toro Orero, Silicon Valley’s DraperDarkFlow on its African Start-Up investments & what it looks for

Toro Orero, Managing Partner, DraperDarkFlow talks about: three African start-ups DDD has invested in; how African start-ups can succeed; challenges with the dealflow; and issues of scale.

June 20, 2018 by Editor
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""We're about to close a fourth deal. It's an East African company we've been following for a while and we're very excited about it. Watch this space.""

Ido Sum, TLcom on its first three African start-up investments and why it made them

Ido Sum, Partner, TLcom talks about: its first three investments (Terragon, mSurvey and Andela); and a fourth investment in East Africa that it will announce shortly.

June 6, 2018 by Editor
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""(The Chinese investor), having seen how the payment ecosystem had changed in China, could understand things much quicker than those who had not been through such a change.""

Mobile money start-up MFS’s founder Dare Okoujdou on how he raised US$4.5 million

Dare Okoujdou, Founder, MFS talks about: what the company does; who they raised US$4.5 million from; how it was able to get investment from China’s LUN Partners and Holland’s Goodwell Investments; why investor understanding of culture and context is important; why US and some European investors don’t understand USSD; and the greater patience of angel investors.

May 17, 2018 by Editor
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""They use the Morgan Mega, They actually print the item, fit it, change it and in a matter of weeks they can get to the final design which they can send away.""

Quentin Harley on the 3D printers he makes and maker spaces in Johannesburg

Quentin Harley, Morgan 3D Printers talks about: how he came to be making 3D printers; the type of printers he makes; how people are using his 3D printers; and House for Hack and other maker spaces in Johannesburg.

April 10, 2018 by Editor
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""You request a quote the car you decide you want and we get dealers to compete over your business."

Vikash Govindjee on how start-up Carter helps South Africans buy a new car

Vikash Govindjee, Co-Founder, Carter talks about: how the app and website help guide South Africans through the complicated process of buying a new car; how many people are using Carter; its investors; and future plans.

March 13, 2018 by Editor
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""mlab is an accelerator for mobile tech start-ups. We run 3 different programmes: lean innovation,software development under the name Code Tribe and an incubator.""

Lebogang Madise, mlab on the two biggest barriers holding back start-ups in South Africa

Lebogang Madise, mlab talks about: the three different programmes that mlab runs; examples of start-ups it is supporting; and the two biggest barriers to start-up growth in South Africa.

February 17, 2018 by Editor
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"It evolved from where we were to something more focused on beating the Lagos traffic, giving high quality and making people happy and that on-demand set-up."

Chinedu Azodoh on growing Nigerian logistics and transport start-up MAX

Co-Founder Chinedu Azodoh, MAX talks about: the origins of MAX as a Nigerian start-up; how the founders assumptions changed through piloting the business; going to Techstars in 2015; closing its funding round; adding personal motorbike rides; growing the business; and expanding to other countries.

January 20, 2018 by Editor
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Standard Bank’s fashion accelerator Threads - Judges tell start-ups what they’re looking for

On October 24 2017, Standard Bank held an event for the participants in its Threads fashion accelerator. In this clip, the judges explain what they are looking for in the start-ups.

December 16, 2017 by Editor
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"Five entrepreneurs pitch their start-up ideas."

Namibia’s 1st Pitch Night: Five entrepreneurs pitch their start-ups

There were 10 start-ups pitching and this video is a selection of five of them. The winner was Kaveto Tjatjara, World View for his waterless toilet. He’s interviewed separately on: The f…ive pitches in this clip are: Pebl (a low-cost computing device); Green Team (a water filtration product); Braaitime (a meat sales site); Glowdom (teaching code); and Proquest (online medical advice).

November 12, 2017 by Editor
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""We want (the toilet) to be the same price as a mobile phone so that it's quite affordable for people at the base of the pyramid.""

Namibia’s Pitch Night winner Kaveto Tjatjara - creating a waterless loo for price of a mobile

Kaveto Tjatjara, CEO and Co-Founder, Worldview Investments talks about: the challenge of providing toilets in his country; how the idea for the watereless toilet came about; how it works; the prototype and the piloting; and how he feels about going to Slush as the Pitch Night winner.

October 10, 2017 by Editor

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"e-commerce (in Nigeria) has matured and evolved. The big change that has happened is the move from a retail structure to a marketplace structure.""

Shola Adekoya, Konga on what’s changed over the last 4 years and launching Konga Daily

Shola Adekoya, talks about: the changes in the market since Konga launched; the number of current total users and active users; Konga’s top 3 selling items; the launch of the Konga Daily service; and future expansion plans.

October 3, 2017 by Editor

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