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"We don't track users because we don't want to be part of surveilling the users of these kinds of systems."

Sascha Meinrath, X-Lab on using Mesh Wi-Fi to connect the unconnected in Somaliland and Tunisia

Sascha Meinrath, X-Lab talks about: how it thinks Mesh Wi-Fi can connect the unconnected; its current spread of Mesh Wi-Fi networks; its two networks in Africa, in Somaliland and Tunisia; how the Commotion Wireless software works; and the kind of features and information the networks are delivering in Somaliland and Tunisia. The X-Lab was launched to as an incubator to rethink how technological advances support and curtail our civil rights and fundamental freedoms over time.“No one should have to make a trade-off between using technology and their human rights and privacy,” said Sascha Meinrath. “X-Lab will convene technological experts from around the globe and the brightest minds from a diverse array of different sectors to imagine, innovate, and set the agenda for tech policy interventions in the years to come.”

August 4, 2014 by Editor
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